Since the Beginning of the Green Revolution in the 1960's in India, Rahimtula Group has been aiding foreign fertilizer raw material Producers to Sell their products in India in order to meet the countries food security requirements. We represent fertilizer raw materials producers focusing on products like Ammonia, Sulphur and Rock Phosphate. We also represent Producers that want to sell Finished Fertilizer products such as Urea and DAP. Be it Participation in Tenders or Direct Sales to India Buyers without Tenders, we aid our International Clients to have a strong market presence in India. Our knowledge and respect in the market enables us to understand the local conditions that are required to make the best deals possible, at the best terms that are mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

Below is a list of International Companies that we represent
at the present moment.

  • Maaden (Saudia Arabia) - DAP (Exclusive Representation in India since 2011)
  • Fertil (United Arab Emirates) - UREA (Exclusive Representation in India since 1984)
  • Fertisul (China) - UREA ( Representation since 2009 )
  • NIIK (Russia) - TECHNOLOGY FOR UREA PLANTS (Exclusive Representation in India since 2012 )

Below is a list of International Companies that we represented in the past.

  • SAFCO (Saudi Arabia) - UREA Exclusive representation since 1956
  • Interore (USA) - DAP & UREA (Exclusive Representation in India in the 1956)
  • COC (Japan) - MANGANESE ORE (Exclusive Representation in India in the 1960)
  • CFA , Montedison, Chemie-linz (Europe) - FERTILIZERS (Exclusive Representation in India in the 1960's)
  • FFM (Mexico) - PHOSPHORIC ACID (Exclusive Representation in India in the 1965)
  • CZARNIKOW-RIONDA (London) - SUGAR (Exclusive Representation in India in the 1970)
  • SUPERPHOS (Denmark) - NPK (Exclusive Representation in India in the 1975)
  • ICS (Senegal) - ROCK PHOSPHATE & PHOS ACID (Exclusive Representation in India in the 1980's)
  • OTP (Togo)- ROCK PHOSPHATE (Exclusive Representation in India in the 1980's)
  • Seminol Fertilizers (USA) - DAP Exclusive Representation in India since in the 1980's)
  • PIC (Kuwait) - AMMONIA & UREA (Exclusive Representation in 1992)
  • SOMIPHOS (Algeria) - ROCK PHOSPHATE (Exclusive Representation in India in the 1999)

After years of representation, we had acquired the contacts and market knowledge to further leverage our skill set, so we ventured into a new business and started our very own trading house with the intention of expanding our operations and further assisting our local buyers to source material in a more diverse way. We started our trading House called CIFC in the early 2000's in our New Delhi office.

Below is some of our activity.

The yearly quantities we supply are as follows:

  • Ammonia from Fertil ( Abu Dhabi ), PIC ( Kuwait ), GPIC ( Bahrain ) and MITCO ( Malaysia ) and Raintrade ( Turkey )
    • 500,000 tons to 700,000 ton yearly
      • Our Clients are from:
        • IFFCO
        • Paradeep phosphates Limited & Zuari Group
        • Deepak Fertilizers
        • TATA
        • FACT
        • Coromandel Fertilizers
  • Sulfur from Adnoc ( Abu Dhabi ), Adgas ( Abu Dhabi ) and Aramco ( Saudi Arabia )
  • 400,00 tons to 500,000 tons
    • Our Clients are from:
      • SENEGAL
      • CHINA
      • JORDAN
      • INDIA
  • Rock Phosphate from Senegal, Togo, Algeria , Egypt, Nauru
  • 500,000 to 1,000,00,00 tons
    • Our Clients are :
      • TATA
      • GSFC
      • HINDALCO
      • SPIC

We began working closely with Russian Company NIIK in 2012 to provide technology solutions to fertilizer producers in India that needed to revamp their plants and thereby increase efficiency and profits.

NIIK being a leading Russian engineering company offers its customers cost-effective solutions in designing & engineeringdevelopment of technologiesundertaking procurement servicesproviding feasibility analysis and achieving excellence in managing construction projects 

1952 – foundation of Dzerzhinsk Branch of State Institute of Nitrogen Industry. 1990 – Institute became independent as a state enterprise called “GosNIIkarbamidproekt”. 1999 – Enterprise got its present name - JSC NIIK “Design and Research Institute of Urea and Organic Synthesis Products” (NIIK).

Company structure includes three main departments- research and development department, engineering department and equipment procurement department.

JSC NIIK has installed Vortex Mixture and conversion booster SID’s to improve energy efficiency in urea plants of NFCL, RCF and GNFC .  Also in process of incorporating such improvement in IFFCO Phulpur, NFL Vijaipur, CFCL and Indogulf in near future.