About Us



  • Established in the year 1956 when we lost ownership control of an SSP producing plant called Hyderabad Chemicals and Fertilizers limited during Hyderabad ' s accession to India. Our founder chairman Mr. Amir Ali Rahimtula then founded the Fertilizer Association of India and became its founder chairman.
  • After much persuasion fertilizer manufacturers in USA , Europe and Japan agreed to give trials and promote fertilizer application in India which was then consuming only 52,000 tons yearly. Dr Armand Hammer and International Ores and Fertilizers a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum was one of the first to support the group. Soon the group received support from Allied Chemicals, Mississippi Chemical Company from United States of America and from Europe , Montedison, Compagnie Fertilizer de L'Azote, Chemie Linz.
  • Marketing association of European Nitrogen and Complex producers called NITREX and COMPLEX was formed and Mr. Amir Rahimtula became it's first Indian Chairman.
  • Marketing association of the Japanese Nitrogen manufacturers was formed responsible for selling large quantities of urea to India . Fertilizer application promotion activity funded by the Japanese manufacturers started.
  • Shriram Chemicals & Fertilizers producing SSP in Delhi and Urea in Kota , Rajasthan let the group promote their brand amongst farmers for twenty five years.


  • Urea plant in Middle East ( Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Company - SAFCO ) was setup in collaboration with Dr Hammer and Occidental Petroleum and INTERORE was given worldwide marketing. SAFCO was the first to export bulk UREA instead of bagged.
  • Barter activity started with large quantities of Iron Ore and Chrome Ore exports to Japan and Urea imports into India from the Japanese .
  • Barter activity with Sugar exports from India to Czarnikow Rionda and Fertilizer imports (DAP) from USA to India commenced.
  • First to commence International trade in Phosphoric acid by commencing a twenty year long term contract from FFM MEXICO for supplying to Madras Fertilizers Limited (MFL) and ZUARI.
  • Occidental Petroleum Corporation of USA and our group explored the setting up of DAP production in Andhra Pradesh explore for Oil & Gas against ONGC's initial offerings but lost interest as the blocks on offer were not so attractive.
  • SUPERPHOS of Denmark became aggressive sellers of complex fertilizers for a couple of years in the early eighties.
  • Promoted the first Indian Fertilizer joint venture outside of India for manufacturing Phosphoric acid in SENEGAL between IFFFO, SPIC, and GOVT OF INDIA and GOVT OF DAKAR during early 1980's.


  • Late Ahmed Rahimtula was the right hand of Amir Rahimtula to build the group from the inception.
  • Late Ashraf Soomar single handedly managed the Japanese business concerning urea and fertilizer promotion in India financed by Japanese.
  • Galib Bachooali built the oxy-metal finishing factory and ventured into gold and silver plating business.
  • The group had some great personalities as its non-executive chairmanship positions starting with Dr Syed Hussain, Late Dr Sundereshan (retired RBI governor) popularly known as SANDY Late RN Banerjee (ICS retired), Late SN Bilgrami (IAS retired) , Late Dr KB Lall (retired IAS), Late Professor AM Khusro (Economist, Indian Ambassador to Germany, Member Planning Commission, Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University. Presently we have Mrs Anna Malhotra (retired IAS) as our non executive chairman.
  • Late Farid Nurie & Ataullah Khan & MA Hussain were amongst the pillars who helped build the group in its first decade.
  • Late Aziz Alladin posted in New York , Late Iqbal Alladin posted in Beirut and Habib Alladin promoted Afrasian Development Company.
  • Ali Rahimtula tried his hand at the European business then migrated to Canada in mid 1970's where he and family are well settled promoting Sulfur & DAP trading across the globe through Transnational Enterprises.
  • KV Chalam (now retired) saw the group transit from the first generation of Rahimtula family to the second generation. Late Khursheed Rahimtula contributed towards the book keeping of the group.
  • Some of us who have continued for over three decades are divided between the Dubai operations where Siraj Rahimtula & B Dwarakanath are responsible and in INDIA where Hasan Rahimtula & Ajaz Ur Rehman . The entire group is supported by an aggressive new generation which has also passed two decades with the group and they are Surinder Khanna , Arij Bin Hairat & Santosh Sekharan .
  • Anil Lal has been a partner with the group since 1980'2 looking after Amalgamated Components from Okhla and now more recently heads the French multimodel transport design company called SYSTRA in India where he continues to successfully handle the needs of Delhi Metro Corporation.
  • The group is indebted to all who have worked previously and are still working for the group for their very loyal and dedicated support with which the group has been able to achieve this success.

AFTER 2000

The yearly quantities we supply are as follows:

  • Ammonia from Fertil ( Abu Dhabi ), PIC ( Kuwait ), GPIC ( Bahrain ) and MITCO ( Malaysia ) and Raintrade ( Turkey )
    • 500,000 tons to 700,000 ton yearly
      • Our Clients are from:
        • IFFCO
        • Paradeep phosphates Limited & Zuari Group
        • Deepak Fertilizers
        • TATA
        • FACT
        • Coromandel Fertilizers
  • Sulfur from Adnoc ( Abu Dhabi ), Adgas ( Abu Dhabi ) and Aramco ( Saudi Arabia )
  • 400,00 tons to 500,000 tons
    • Our Clients are from:
      • SENEGAL
      • CHINA
      • JORDAN
      • INDIA
  • Rock Phosphate from Senegal, Togo, Algeria , Egypt, Nauru
  • 500,000 to 1,000,00,00 tons
    • Our Clients are :
      • TATA
      • GSFC
      • HINDALCO
      • SPIC

Finished Fertilizers sales

The group's finished fertilizer activity has been decreasing over the past and it is the group's objective to increase the share in the future. The present activity of the group is listed below:

  • Urea from Fertil (Abu Dhabi) and PIC (Kuwait)
    • We also represent CNAMPGC, China for urea trade in India since 2008.
      • 1,000,000 tons to 2,000,000
        • Our Clients are:
          • IPL
          • MMTC
          • STC
  • Representing Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Maaden) for DAP sales into India since 2011

Mining Activity

  • In 2005 our exploration program located along the fringe of the Senegal River separating the country Mauritania from Senegal began where Rock phosphate occurrences were historically known in the classical Bofal- Loubboira area.
  • The resistivity in our comprehensive Geo electrical Vertical survey indicated a continuous occurrences of strata anticipated as the phosphate bed without any visible sedimentological break in the entire 2900 sq km .
  • This deemed phosphate bed has an average thickness of 2.5 meter and is buried under a very shallow sediment cover of 5-10 meter in our permits. Perhaps we on the threshold of locating a very large phosphate resource.